Purchase and installation of a video conferencing

Many businesses are installing video conferencing units into their offices to reduce the amount of business travel that they do. This usually has three benefiits – firstly it saves money, secondly it saves a lot of time (possibly more important than money) and finally it keeps the businesses carbon footprint low.

As long as your premises has a suitable ISDN or IP connection, then we can install a system on your premises. Modern systems are very discreet and becoming more user-friendly to operate.

We can install systems in boardrooms, integrate one into your existing AV infrastructure, or provide you with a stand-alone mobile unit that can be wheeled int whichever room you choose (as long as there is a suitable connection.

Why use Video Conferencing?

Whenever you need to see someone or something, but cannot spare the time or expense to travel, video conferencing can be very useful. Anytime when you want to talk face-to-face without travelling – international or within the UK. And as you’re cutting out the travelling, you’re cutting your carbon emissions too.

What is Video Conferencing?

In simple terms, video conferencing is like a high-tech telephone call, but with high-quality live pictures at both ends. It can be one-to-one, many-to-many, or a multi-site conference with audiences of hundreds. The call is carried over ISDN lines (digital telephone lines) or over uncontested high speed IP connections so is much higher quality than ‘web-cam’ systems.